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Celebrity Message Type Occasion   Price
Cinderella You're Wonderful Greeting Congratulations $0.99
Cinderella A Dreamy Birthday Wish Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Doc Hudson Congrats Are In Order Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Donald Duck A Big Day For You Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Minnie A Big Day For You Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Sleeping Beauty Happy News For You Greeting Congratulations HOT $0.99
Sleeping Beauty A Splendid Day Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Sleeping Beauty You're Invited Greeting Birthday $0.99
Tigger A Rediculous Happy Birthday Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Woody Happy Birthday Greeting Congratulations HOT $0.99
Jack Skellington A Horribly Splendid Day Greeting Congratulations NEW $0.99
Reba McEntire A Sweet Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Reba McEntire A Birthday Party eInvitation Birthday NEW $2.99
Verne Troyer It's A Birthday Party! eInvitation Birthday HOT $2.99
Maurice Jones Drew The Birthday Handoff eCard Birthday $2.99
Allstar Weekend Allstar Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Allstar Weekend Allstar Sweet Sixteen eCard Sweet Sixteen NEW $2.99
Allstar Weekend Allstar Quinceanera eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Karina Smirnoff Private Birthday Dance eCard Birthday $2.99
DJ Pauly D Oh Yeah! B-Day! eCard Birthday $2.99
Verne Troyer It's A Birthday Card! eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Noah benShea Happy Birthday eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
DJ Pauly D B-Day Paaaarty!!! eInvitation Birthday NEW $2.99
Noah benShea Party Invitations eInvitation Birthday $2.99
Adam West Bat-Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Adam West Mayor's B-day Surprise eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Adam West Bat-Birthday Invite eInvitation Birthday NEW $2.99
Bas Rutten Happy Birthday eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Sassy Gay Friend Sassy B-Day Party Invite eInvitation Birthday $2.99
Sassy Gay Friend Sassy Birthday eCard Birthday $2.99
Eric Schwartz Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Eric Schwartz Smooth-E B-Day Part-AAAAYY!!!!! eInvitation Birthday $2.99
Cynthia Bailey The Real Birthday Card eCard Birthday $2.99
Randy Couture Badass Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Bobby Slayton Freakin' Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Ron White Birthday Wishes eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Megadeth Rad Birthday eCard Birthday $2.99
Louie Anderson Huggable Birthday eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Louie Anderson One Year Older! eCard Birthday $2.99
Matt Forte Monster Birthday eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Matt Forte Monstrous Birthday Party eInvitation Birthday HOT $2.99
Joe Namath In Honor of You Greeting Valentines Day HOT $0.99
Joe Namath You’re Invited – No Charge Greeting Halloween $0.99
Joe Namath Better Than Me In The ’70s Greeting Valentines Day NEW $0.99
Joe Namath To The Luckiest Person Greeting Halloween $0.99
Pirate Skulley Y'aaargh Birthday eCard Birthday $1.99
Cinderella A Royal Invitation Greeting Birthday NEW $0.99
Minnie You're Invited Greeting Birthday $0.99
Andy Bell Birthday Smash-up eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Andy Bell Super Sweet 16 eCard Birthday $2.99
Mike Tyson A Knockout Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99