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Celebrity Message Type Occasion   Price
Adam West Bat-Birthday eCard Birthday NEW $2.99
Adam West Mayor's Commendation eCard Congratulations HOT $2.99
Adam West Mayor's B-day Surprise eCard Birthday HOT $2.99
Adam West Bat-Congratulations! eCard Congratulations NEW $2.99
Adam West Mayor's Holiday Decrees eCard Hanukkah HOT $2.99
Adam West Off. Business: Get Well! eCard Get Well $2.99
Adam West Get Well Bat-friend eCard Get Well NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Graduation eCard Congratulations NEW $2.99
Adam West Quahog Salute to Mom eCard $2.99
Adam West Bat-Mom eCard NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Dad eCard NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Party Invite eInvitation Special Events NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Birthday Invite eInvitation Birthday NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Dinner Invite eInvitation Lets Connect NEW $2.99
Adam West Bat-Valentine eCard Valentines Day NEW $2.99
Adam West Quahog-style Valentines eCard Valentines Day $2.99
Adam West So-Called Occasions Invite eInvitation Anniversary $2.99
Adam West Might Be An Evildoer Ringtone HOT $1.99
Adam West You Know This Joker Calling Ringtone $1.99
Adam West Call From The Mayor Ringtone NEW $1.99
Adam West Mayor’s Got Caller ID Ringtone HOT $1.99